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I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Pennsylvania (#PC010709) as well as Connecticut (#LPCC12163), California (#LPCC12163), and Missouri (#2022025190). I have been working in the mental health field since 2013 and have been treating individuals with OCD and anxiety since 2017. If you’re navigating the ups and downs of life while battling anxiety, OCD, ADHD, the impacts of your upbringing and all that comes with that, then you’ve landed in the right place! I want to work with you to break free from the confines of unhelpful narratives and patterns. My mission is to guide you on your journey of healing, helping you reconnect with your real self and fostering spontaneity and playfulness as a means to tap into your full humanity. My clients feel more empowered in their actions and relationships instead of letting their unhelpful thoughts and behaviors take over, while growing a more accepting and compassionate perspective towards themselves. It’s always a good session when my clients feel challenged and motivated to work towards their goals between sessions. I believe that much of the therapy work is completed between sessions just as much as it is in the hour minutes we will spend together each week. In our sessions, we’ll focus on the duality of change through acceptance, whether that is working through the distressing spirals of OCD and anxiety, or helping heal the emotional wounds that have developed over time. I’m a big believer in “trying on” new and more helpful ways of being and thinking, so I take an action-oriented and encouraging approach. My approach to therapy is not about “fixing” you; it’s about helping you uncover the remarkable self within. If you are ready to dive deeper than the surface symptoms and venture outside of your comfort zone, reach out. I’m looking forward to walking alongside you In addition to working with clients, I also help to train clinicians on the uses of Exposure and Response Prevention for OCD and anxiety disorders. I hold workshops and webinars on OCD and anxiety treatment, as well as 1:1 clinical consultations. Connecting with other clinicians is really important to me. I have presented at the International OCD Foundation Virtual Conference in 2021 and the live conference in 2022. Outside of therapy, I enjoy reading, crafting, singing, and spending time with my family. ​

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