Caryn Gill, LPC

Individual Therapy

I provide in-person sessions on Tuesdays, based out of Elkins Park. The remainder of my sessions are virtual. All fees are due at time of service.


My base rate is $150 per 55-minute session. My sliding scale rates range from $75 to $200 per 55-minute session. I have a certain number of spots per fee. At this time, all of my sliding scale spots are filled.


I offer 1:1 consultation/coaching to licensed clinicians interested in honing their Exposure and Response Prevention skills– this is ideal for therapists who have received some training on ERP but want more hands-on practice with case conceptualization and treatment implementation. I have extensive experience with designing training programs/teaching tools and providing individual training for new OCD and anxiety therapists. I offer individual consultations for $100 per hour with discounted rates for clinicians offering services to underserved communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take insurance?

I’m paneled with Aetna, Highmark, Optum, and BCBS. You can verify coverage and schedule a session with me through the Grow Therapy platform.

How do I know if you're a good fit?

I provide free 15-minute introduction calls to help determine if we'd be a good fit. This is to help you get a feel for my style and approach as a therapist and for myself to see if my skill set would be the most beneficial for you.

Are sessions still telehealth?

As of now, yes.

Are you taking new clients?

Yep! You can reach out at the contact form below.

How often/how long will I be in therapy?

It largely depends on what you're coming to me for. For my OCD and anxiety folks, treatment can range anywhere from 6-8 weekly sessions to 6-8 months-- the length of treatment is often impacted by symptom severity and follow-through between sessions.
For my "talk therapy" clients, treatment has no deadline.

I don't know if I can afford treatment at this time. Can you help?

I truly want to help in all the ways I can, while valuing my work and expertise and earning enough to make this work financially sustainable for myself and my family. To achieve this, here is what I offer:
– sliding scale spots, with limited numbers of spots available for each rate.
– affordable consultation and coaching to clinicians so that they can learn how to use Exposure and Response Prevention
– free therapeutic tips and information on my Instagram
– I offer two free webinars on ERP and Inference-based CBT, as well as an affordable introduction course on how to conduct Exposure and Response Prevention. You can find those here

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